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The Journey of Becoming Martinizing Cleaners Franchisees in Marysville, Ohio

 Martinizing Cleaning Franchise

The IFPG Consultant worked hand in hand with the Martinizing Cleaning Team to keep the candidates focused on how the brand was a perfect fit for them while regularly reminding them of their "why." This patient approach led to signing an agreement nearly six months after the introduction was made. 

The new franchisees are community-minded, service-oriented, and have strong business acumen. They are looking forward to opening their franchise in Marysville, Ohio. "We looked at many different business options, and Martinizing Cleaners was the best fit for our family, community, and goals. They were knowledgeable and prepared, and we had a great experience getting to know them and other franchisees in the area." -IFPG Consultant Candidates.

Martinizing Cleaners, a leader in dry cleaning since 1949, is a scalable, profitable business that has been helping our franchisees give back to their community, create a lifestyle, increase their wealth, and build equity for over five generations. Martinizing is one of the most powerful brands in the industry.