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The Newest Fibrenew Franchisee is in Palm Coast, FL

Fibrenew Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidate referred their Candidate from Palm Coast, FL, as a fantastic candidate for Fibrenew. The Candidate possesses all the traits Fibrenew seeks in a successful franchise owner, being hands-on, trainable, not color blind, in good physical condition, and a people person.

The IFPG Consultant's follow-through and updates made the process smooth, and he knew Fibrenew was a fantastic fit for his Candidate. She loved the 5-Step Discovery Process and felt that every step confirmed this was the right fit for her. Fibrenew sends a huge "Thank You" to the IFPG Consultant for introducing the Candidate to them.

The IFPG Consultant Candidate joins Fibrenew with an impressive resume, having worked as a bookkeeper, Mutual Fund Trader, pool and spa repair technician, and a trained and certified scuba diver specialist. She valued the flexibility of the latter as it allowed her more time with her two sons. Seeking a better future for her family, she chose a Fibrenew franchise to become an entrepreneur, take control of her future, and secure her financial situation. Her drive and determination make her a promising addition to the Fibrenew family.

Fibrenew continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. After 38+ years in the industry, the formula at Fibrenew remains a simple one. Process + Product = Success. This is the formula that 306 franchise locations in 6 countries have been following for
decades, and one that they are eager to share with your candidates.