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The Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise Awards a Territory in Atlanta, Georgia!

This husband and wife team were a perfect fit for Seniors Helping Seniors and their IFPG Consultant knew it! They were awarded territory in Atlanta - Central Cobb, North Cobb, Cherokee, Forsyth.

He is a military veteran having served as an NCO in the Marines. He went on to a successful career in the public sector holding various operational leadership roles in manufacturing and supply chain management. She had a successful career in advertising before transitioning to entrepreneurship during the time they were raising children. She managed the couple's real estate investment properties and began a home business selling Dottera products. She has held many volunteer roles, including working with seniors in assisted living facilities.

They had an immediate understanding and alignment with the Seniors Helping Seniors mission and work in the world having experienced the challenges of aging through helping their own parents. Beyond their own personal experience, they know many people who are navigating those same challenges.

"These two make a great team! He brings the operational and financial management and expertise while she brings the marketing and caregiver experience. Their diligence in the discovery process showed us how successful they will be in their new venture."- Seniors Helping Seniors.

Seniors Helping Seniors says it all. It's their mission, what they do, and their competitive advantage. On top of enabling franchise partners to do well while doing good, they have turned the industry's top two challenges on their head - They have a 5X industry retention rate of caregivers and they are not a receivables business.

Congratulations on a job well done!