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The Smash My Trash Franchise Awards a 2-Pack in Santa Clara County, California!

Smash My Trash is thrilled to have these new franchisees join the Smash My Trash family. They’ve expanded the presence of Smash My Trash in California with two territories in Santa Clara County.

The first part of this team currently serves in the United States Army Reserve as a Colonel, with reserve assignment in Hawaii. After graduating from SDSU ROTC in 1992, he served 5 years of active duty and then began his corporate career in outside sales with Mead/Zeller Bach Paper, working to develop industrial supplies solutions for facilities managers around the Bay Area. He then transitioned into commercial real estate and worked as a leasing agent with Cushman & Wakefield for several years, before partnering with the other part of this duo to begin his start in banking, as an outside sales mortgage wholesale rep at Washington Mutual.

The other part of this team graduated with a BA from USC in 1990. He became an entrepreneur early on in his career and has been involved in creating businesses since the mid-1990s. His first business was a packaged food company that made sushi fresh daily and sold their products in retail settings like supermarkets and delis. From there, he started an e-commerce consumer products company, which he ran successfully for four years. After building two startups, he moved into outside sales for HSBC and later Washington Mutual.

They started their current company, HP Investments Inc. in 2007, and have grown their company to its current platform with 3 business lines and 24 sales agents in the real estate, lending, and property management space. They pride themselves in collaborative leadership & strong customer service and are excited to leverage their skillsets and knowledge to build another business.

They joined Franchise FastLane for a virtual Confirmation Day. Beyond the meetings, Confirmation Day was a day of fun watching demonstrations of our smash trucks in action! They truly embraced the vision of Smash My Trash to disrupt the commercial waste industry with our technology and innovation!

They left Confirmation Day and locked down two territories in California.
Franchise FastLane is smashing records awarding over 565 territories with Smash My Trash! This brand is disrupting the commercial waste industry and is an opportunity that candidates are excited about from the first introduction. We would love the opportunity to present Smash My Trash to more of your candidates and answer any questions you may have about this amazing brand as it blankets the United States. Thank you so much for your referrals and for being such a BIG part of our success.

Congratulations on a job well done!