The Time to Close Deals is “NOW”!

An IFPG Consultant introduced his two clients to The NOW and they both saw the possibilities of being the first to market in the Atlanta area with such a disruptive brand!

Both Cornell graduates, his clients have been very successful in all their previous endeavors.  The first has a background in franchised hospitality and worked for several high end hotel brands building concepts and launching them.  The other is an attorney by trade but has been working for the last year getting his consulting business up and going and running the administrative and compliance side of everything.  They now run a consulting company that marries hospitality and fitness, and work with companies across the globe to incorporate fitness into the services they offer their customers.  Due to the nature of their business, they have time to dedicate to diversifying their business holdings.  They liked the fact that they could hire a manager which would keep them free to run their other business.

When they got to Discovery Day, The NOW loved them and they loved The NOW.  Jen got them comfortable with territories and got them closed on a three pack.  Great job to the team for getting some great NEW franchisees.

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!


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