Consultant News

The WOW 1 Day Painting Franchise Is Awarded In Utah!

WOW 1 Day Painting's new Franchisee has a background in Operations and is very process-focused, working in the manufacturing industry. Outside of his work, his passion is coaching. His passion for leading, coaching and a strong desire to build an amazing team made him a great fit for WOW. He is very process-oriented and immediately identified with how strong WOW systems are.

He chose WOW because of the strength of Corporate Operations in supporting him, including systems. This being a people business, and his desire to lead teams, and immediately saw how unique the brand is. He really appreciated the due diligence process he went through, including the market study and financial forecast exercises. He felt a very strong understanding of the brand and opportunity and what it takes to be successful. The Discovery Day was the clincher, based on the culture.

WOW 1 Day Painting has a very unique differentiation in a market that is growing and fragmented. Owners are seeing tremendous profitable growth.

Congratulations on a job well done!