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These IFPG Consultant Candidates are the Perfect Match For ecomaids Franchise


The IFPG Consultant Candidates will be opening their new ecomaids business as soon as they relocate to Houston, Texas, from Canada (E2 candidates). This is not their first life-changing relocation however, years ago, they moved from Pakistan to Canada with two suitcases and very little money.

They have since built a family with five children and made several investments that have positioned them to embark on their next challenge. The confidence that they share and their commitment to Success is evident in this couple.

The IFPG Consultant worked with her candidates, who reviewed several options with her. Fortunately, ecomaids rose to the top primarily because the marketing support they provide to franchisees gives them the confidence that they will have the support they need to establish the ecomaids brand in their local market. The new Franchisees are both kind, hardworking,

high-integrity people with a dream to build a long-term, successful family business; exactly what makes a great ecomaids franchise partner!

ecomaids science-based cleaning and disinfecting service has significant appeal in today's environment. ecomaids combines a centralized marketing approach with a national sales center. ecomaids is on the cutting edge when it comes to demand creation and fulfillment for our franchisees. They have lots of prime turf still available! ecomaids is making a "green" wave in the cleaning space. Come ride the wave!