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This IFPG Consultant's Candidate Joined The All Dry Franchise in Austin, Texas!

This IFPG Consultant's candidate was looking for new opportunities. After joining All Dry for their biggest Confirmation Day yet, he couldn’t have been more excited to see the brand up close and personal. He easily saw just how simple the business model is to operate, something that would allow him the option to stay in his present role, should he want to operate at a semi-absentee level. He was extremely impressed with every aspect of All Dry, especially the training programs and strong leadership team. He can’t wait to get started!

“When I first spoke to Jeff, he had just left his successful career managing a large group of retail franchises. He was no longer willing to sacrifice family time for the corporate grind that kept becoming more and more demanding. Jeff is one of the sharpest, most driven, and yet still down-to-earth candidates I have worked with. He knew he could translate all his skills and experience into business ownership that could accommodate the work-life balance that he was seeking. We reviewed really strong brands, but in the end Franchise FastLane's process and All Dry's business model and leadership team shot to the forefront. Thank you, Carin, for your professionalism and hard work with our candidate.” – IFPG Consultant

He is a 15-year corporate retail leader, formerly responsible for 2,200 retail locations and 17k+ employees. He loves building teams, loves the idea of franchising, and sees the strong benefits of operating from a playbook versus having to start from scratch. He is married with two children, 5 and 3.

All Dry is uniquely positioned in the booming restoration space with the best in industry branding as well as an experienced franchisor team. The number of franchisees and awarded territories continues to grow at lightning speed and shows no signs of slowing down, now with nearly 140+ territories awarded and 35+ franchisees. We’re hopeful that you, too, will be joining the All Dry franchise family.

Congratulations on a job well done!