Consultant News

Three Maid Brigade Franchises are Awarded in Just 45 Days!

The Maid Brigade Franchise was able to complete three different deals in the past 45 days with two different IFPG Consultants!

The first was a Director of Marketing from HSBC. The second was an office manager in a medical office and the last was a technology executive. All three are sales and marketing-driven with a passion to serve their community.

All loved the Maid Brigade's franchise culture and franchise community during validation. They liked the model of repeat customers booking cleans biweekly, recurring revenue, longevity and that they are innovators in the industry. The three will be starting their businesses in Kissimmee, Florida; Denver, Colorado, and Prosper, Texas!

There was great communication with both the prospects and consultants in all three circumstances!

"I had a couple of clients who required significant amounts of information and always seemed to need the information immediately. Joel did an amazing job providing all they needed in an extremely timely manner. He kept me updated at all times---there was never an instance when I was in the dark about where my clients were in the process. He’s closed 2 deals for me in the last two months and we’re working on another right now. It is always a pleasure working with Joel." -IFPG Consultant

Maid Brigade has been around for 35 years, yet they continue to innovate and add strong franchisees that are looking to build a recurring revenue stream. They are also the only residential cleaning franchisor that uses their unique PUREclean system where they can disinfect both residential homes and commercial offices. They guide franchise prospects through a seamless process while keeping in constant contact with IFPG Consultants.

Congratulations on THREE great placements!