Consultant News

Three New 4Ever Young Franchises Open in West Milwaukee!


We are ecstatic to announce that 4Ever Young will be coming to the West Milwaukee suburbs, thanks to an IFPG Consultant and her candidates. These two candidates embody what it means to be 4Ever Young and will bring 3 new clinics to the region.

One candidate has extensive business ownership experience, having built a large payroll software business over the last 30 years. The other candidate is the perfect fit to run the clinic with her background as the former Executive Director of the Wisconsin Tennis Association. We cannot wait to watch them succeed!

4Ever Young Anti-Aging solutions is a revolutionary concept in the beauty and anti-aging space, combining products and services that enhance physical and mental performance, desirability, and vitality and make people look and feel their best. It is well-known that the beauty space has seen an explosion of growth coinciding with the creation of new products and technology to enhance our performance and appearance.

4ever Young Anti-Aging combines services across all of these verticals with a comprehensive offering that is not exclusively priced but is completed with the highest degree of care. With a stronger microscope on health and wellness than we have ever seen, now is the time for 4Ever Young to dominate the market.