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Three Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise Territories Are Awarded in Maryland!

An IFPG Consultant brought "the most prepared candidate I have ever seen" to Seniors Helping Seniors, according to BrandONE's Saras Van Aken. This young man was ready, informed, and did the most comprehensive due diligence on the Seniors Helping Seniors Brand. A candidate like this is like pure gold. He also happened to be a great fit for the brand – he aligned with the mission, having supported his aging grandparents and he bring exceptional business experience to the table. 

The step-by-step communication between the IFPG Consultant and Sarah is what created the environment for this candidate to experience what he described as the most thorough and integrity-driven process.  Your candidates don’t need to be Seniors to look at this brand, this candidate is only 30!

After years in corporate litigation, he was ready for a change, and the Seniors Helping Seniors® mission fit the brief. He will be offering life-enhancing senior care options in Bethesda, Maryland, and BrandONE is thrilled to be joining him on his new journey!  

His legal background - where he specialized in complex multi-jurisdiction litigation - is a far cry from the senior care industry. And, according to him, that’s a good thing! “For obvious reasons, I am excited to transition away from the legal world and into the business world,” remarks the new franchisee.

One of the most appealing factors in his decision is the blueprint for success the Seniors Helping Seniors® franchise has established. Not only is he excited to build a thriving business, but he’s also looking forward to serving his community throughout the process.  

The Seniors Helping Seniors® franchise currently serves more than 150 territories in over thirty states, with no slowdown in sight. In fact, the well-run operation foresees expanding to some 300 franchisees by 2025! 

Seniors Helping Seniors® caregivers provide a range of services like companionship, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and running errands. Additionally, care receivers can request help with personal care, including dressing, feeding, bathing, and mobility assistance. Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home services also offers specialty care options for those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia and individuals needing overnight and 24/7 assistance. 

BrandONE knows this candidate will deliver wonderful support to area seniors with his new franchise location. We’re thrilled he’ll be teaming up with Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care services in its push to build meaningful bonds between caregiver and care receiver!

Congratulations on a great placement!