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Top Rail Fence Franchise Awards Territory in Sin City!

Top Rail Fence Franchise

These IFPG Consultant Candidates are located in Las Vegas, NV. She was an attorney and has been practicing law in Nevada since 2001. He comes from two decades in the insurance and financial services industry. They were drawn to Top Rail because of the opportunities for successfully growing a company from the ground up. "We both love working with people and feel we would be able to fit in well with the goals and help make Top Rail the top fencing company in the country." -IFPG Consultant Candidates.

Both Candidates fit HOMEFRONT BRAND's values and are both motivated to deliver top-notch service in their local community to scale a LARGE business. They liked being in the first cohort of 20 franchise owners, Knowing they would be essential to Top Rail. They also highly rated the validation process and numbers they heard from existing franchise owners.

Their goal is to attack the pre-opening process for an August Opening. If all goes well, they would like to be executive model owners and perhaps expand to another city. Top Rail Fence continues to deliver a highly rated Discovery Education process for candidates. Top Rail has world-class ramp period and unit economics - And franchisees are validating that.