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Two Smokin’ Oak Wood Fire Pizza Franchises Have Been Awarded In Texas

This IFPG Consultant’s candidate is a senior VP of HR with a major national organization. They were looking to exit corporate America. Had an initial attraction to food and was looking for a brand that had the potential for high revenue and repeat business also offering beer and wine. Smokin Oak fit the bill and his candidate was awarded two units in Dallas, TX.

They had some early roadblocks as far as frick and frack but were able to work their way through the bumps in the road.

“The owner of the brand, Matt really adds value being involved in the process. We worked through it and eventually all played a key role in getting this deal into the end zone.” said the IFPG Consultant. “While still in its early stages of growth, the brand shows extremely well. It’s a modern facility and has a unique menu as well as several investment options.”

Smokin Oak Wood-Fired Pizza is redefining the fast-casual pizza market. They're one of the very few fast-casual pizza restaurants that use real wood to bake their pizzas at 900 degrees in our wood-fired oven.

Congratulations on a great placement!