Consultant News

U.S. Lawns Franchise Welcomes a New Franchisee in Conway, Arkansas!

This candidate owns a concrete construction business and was looking for multiple revenue streams. At only 26 years old and with a new baby in the house, he felt that U.S. Lawns was the perfect fit.

He chose our U.S Lawns because he worked for them in high school and saw how successful and scalable their franchise was then. His father helped lead a large operation based out of Little Rock, AR. The candidate also saw the outstanding support provided and knew that with his skill and the support of our team, he could grow a successful business. 

He enjoyed their process and thought it was very personal.  He also had a great conversation with a local franchisee that was willing to help him with any future questions.

“U.S. Lawns is a solid brand that has over 200 franchised locations across the U.S. Our model is a well-oiled machine and our corporate staff is very positive and supportive. We still have many major markets available that are untapped.”- Annie Long

Congratulations on a job well done!