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What Sets IFPG Apart for Consultants

Red Boswell, president of the International Professionals Franchise Group (IFPG), gives ten reasons why the franchise Consultant network is growing. He explains that IFPG stands out because of its strong leadership; its Consultants keep all of their commissions; and it has an incredible, in-house lead source, Career Transition Leads. Additionally, IFPG is also known for its technology and welcoming corporate culture. "We are equal in opportunity," Boswell said. A lot of the work of a franchise Consultant can be done remotely, so all you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi to get started with IFPG! There are no geographic boundaries. The franchise Consultant network prides itself on having the highest ethical standards and keeping the best interest of its clients in mind. IFPG Consultants also have additional revenue streams, including fees when you refer IFPG vendors to franchisors and receive commissions when you sell franchises. This is some of what sets IFPG apart!