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Zoom Drain Franchisee Comes Back for More Territories in Fort Lauderdale, FL!

Zoom Drain Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidate started his career in the technology industry as a programmer, then consultant. He began his entrepreneurial path first with a small consulting company. Soon after, he partnered with a friend and started a software company. After 12 years as CEO of the software company, he sold the company and joined a nutraceutical company as a part owner and Chief Operating Officer. He and his family have owned, managed, and remodeled several real estate properties along the way.

The Candidate's wife is a realtor and is well-connected in their market. She has a wealth of knowledge in taking care of customers and providing great service. When their children were teenagers, the couple purchased a dry cleaner delivery service so the children could experience the entrepreneurial world for themselves. Their children interacted with customers, made deliveries, managed the accounting, and learned the responsibilities of running their own small business.

The Candidates felt these foundational skills were very important to develop and carry with them into their later years. Their oldest son will join their Zoom Drain venture, working full-time in the business. Zoom Drain is very excited to welcome the new franchisees into the Zoom Drain family and follow their journey as they grow in Fort Lauderdale, FL!

For 25+ years, Zoom Drain has optimized customer service by providing expert drain services with their mantra of "Fast, Focused, and Fixed." Zoom Drain provides an essential, recession-proof emergency service that has minimal competition and no seasonality. Zoom Drain's top priority is providing the best support systems and resources for its franchisees.

Zoom Drain has wide open availability of prime territories across the US! They would love the opportunity to present Zoom Drain to your candidates – please reach out with any questions.