Greta Oriti

Greta Oriti

Member Relations Coordinator

About Greta

As a Member Relations Coordinator, Greta thrives on providing top-notch customer service. She is a professional with a passion for connecting people and building relationships. Greta finds joy in ensuring a positive experience for every member. Her journey in the professional world has equipped her with valuable experience in both customer service and personal assistance.

Greta’s background also includes expertise in social media, where she has been part of creating and maintaining brand identities. She enjoys posting on The IFPG’s Instagram account where she can curate posts, express creativity and connect with members.

Previously working as a personal assistant has allowed Greta to make a meaningful impact on individuals' lives. From managing schedules to providing support, contributing to someone's success story is incredibly gratifying.

In a fast-paced world, Greta believes in the power of continuous learning. She is always seeking new opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. Hosting daily Impact Sessions has given her so much insight on the franchising industry and The IFPG culture.

Greta's insights on IFPG

Working in an environment where collaboration and teamwork are valued creates a sense of belonging. The collective effort towards shared goals fosters a positive and energizing work atmosphere.

In essence, I love my job here at The IFPG because it allows me to make a difference, connect with amazing individuals, and contribute to the success of both individuals and the organization. It's not just a career; it's a fulfilling journey that I'm excited to be on every day!

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