Hirra Mirza

Hirra Mirza

Membership Director

About Hirra

Hirra comes from a diverse background, including  the financial industry, sales, and customer service. She enjoys helping people and was ideally suited for her role as Membership Director when she came to IFPG in 2018.

Hirra is responsible for recruiting all levels of Franchisors, Vendors, and IFPG Consultants. She spends a lot of her time talking with potential members, discussing onboarding, costs, commission, addressing concerns, and assisting with a smooth transition. Hirra is committed to making sure candidates understand what to expect and are comfortable with their decision to join IFPG.

Hirra guides potential members through tours of our website and thoughtfully explains the benefits of IFPG membership. She also assists our new Franchisor members through the onboarding process. Hirra’s keen eye for detail helps her effectively evaluate referral agreements, review franchise disclosure documents (FDD's), and negotiate commission amounts.

Hirra’s exceptional communication skills, refined manner and ability to understand our member’s needs has helped IFPG strengthen its membership base.

Hirra’s insights on IFPG

“I have been fortunate enough to be introduced to the world of franchising and it has been one of the best open doors to have come my way. Having a financial, banking, retail, and customer service background with many years in corporate America, this has truly opened my eyes to what freedom and security in the workplace mean.

Being able to speak to future members on what this life could entail and watching that come to fruition makes my heart feel full. I have always wanted to assist people in finding what makes them happy and successful and IFPG has allowed me to share this passion and watch the evolution of our members as they see the same vision.”

Contact Hirra Mirza

Phone: 888-977-IFPG ext 110


Fax: 888-897-3946