"Initiate, Foster, and Expand
Franchise Development,
Sales, Networking,
and ongoing prosperity
for all of its members."


Welcome to the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG).

The IFPG was formed to allow Franchise Professionals to more effectively communicate, network, and collaborate. IFPG Members enjoy a host of valuable and practical tools designed specifically to foster enhanced communications.

The IFPG brings together established, experienced, and highly professional members of the franchise industry including franchisors, franchise brokers, consultants, coaches, lenders and attorneys. We do so in an honest and open environment with the shared goal of advancing the goals of our members.

The IFPG currently has over 500 active members.
Through our Internal Member Portal (http://www.ifpg.org/member) IFPG Members are provided with a host of resources--including access to other IFPG Members, resource materials, daily conference calls and practical tools to help grow their businesses. We aren’t--and never will--bring anything tools or solutions to the table to test them with your business. We'll only provide services that we know will add true value, period.

The IFPG is a subscription-based membership model, which means that we are accountable to our paid Members to provide value--not hype. We believe very strongly that this level of accountability makes a difference to our short and long-term planning while greatly benefits all of our Members. Simply put, our business model requires us to provide our paid Members with ongoing value.

Can the IFPG help you enhance, expand, and improve your business?
If you are willing to embrace practical and useful tools, and genuinely like working with good people, then yes, we can help. You'll also need to be a true professional and be willing to treat other members with the utmost respect.

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