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GigWorx is Bringing the First Franchisees to Indiana!

GigWorx Franchise

GigWorx is excited to announce that their first franchisees were brought to them by an IFPG Consultant. The franchisees are a husband and wife team who came with backgrounds in manufacturing and education. They came to Discovery Day ready to join the company and saw this as the future of work, and they were on the front edge of a growing wave. The Franchisees will open their GixWorx in St Joseph and Elkhart Counties, IN.

 The Candidates are forward thinkers who see this as an emerging market and have the chance to join a company that isn't chasing the trend. They look forward to the opportunity of doing something that is logical as a business concept vis a vis staffing but are some of the first to do it. 

They specifically said that they appreciated GigWorx's methodical approach of sharing all of the information with them about our company, the industry, and how we support them, but in a steady and zero-pressure-filled way. They have structure and next steps, but they didn't feel pressed to move faster than they felt comfortable.

GigWorx is unique in that it combines the steady and consistent growth of the staffing industry with the rapidly growing and highly sought-after flexibility of the gig economy. Their leadership team has 40+ years of success in growing and expanding franchise staffing businesses.