The People Skills You Need to Succeed in Franchise Consulting

Having Strong Franchise Consulting People Skills will Benefit Your Franchise Consulting Business

No matter the business you’re in, people skills are essential for success. According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2020, soft skills like active learning, resilience, and stress management are sought-after by employers. As a franchise business consultant, having a likeability factor along with these skills can attract candidates to your business. Seemingly small things like your phone voice, demeanor, appearance, and camera-readiness actually mean a lot.  

Here are ways to improve your franchise consultant people skills.

Franchise Consulting People Skills

Phone Voice

A big part of owning a franchise consulting business is talking on the phone. To improve your phone voice, speak clearly and at an appropriate volume. The tone that you use is also important because a dull, monotone voice can decrease the interest and confidence candidates have in you. With a friendly, enthusiastic tone, you can increase their comfortability.

Language is another important aspect of phone communication. Using simple, concise language makes it easier for candidates to understand and absorb the information you’re presenting. To do this, avoid using technical terms that the candidate might be unfamiliar with. Cursing is also unprofessional and should be avoided.

Camera-Readiness for Zoom Calls 

In addition to phone calls, franchise business consultants also use Zoom and other conferencing platforms. To take your Zoom calls to the next level, make sure that you have a nice background and proper lighting. Poor lighting and a lackluster background can be distracting and take away from the information that you’re presenting. Attention to detail adds to your credibility and lets candidates know that you mean business and are serious about helping them find their ideal franchise opportunity.

Whether you are in-person or on a Zoom call, being an active listener helps improve your communication overall. Making eye contact and repeating points, lets candidates know they have your undivided attention. This is one of the most important franchise consulting people skills.

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Demeanor and Appearance

Consultants attend conferences both in-person and virtually. No matter how you interact with candidates and other industry members, you have to look professional. Top Franchise Consultants invest in professional clothing, such as pantsuits, blazers, and slacks for evening wear for dinner parties and events. A nice pair of fitted jeans and a blouse or dress shirt are presentable clothes for more casual settings like a lunch meeting.

Your body language also says a lot without you having to say anything. If you have poor posture and are looking around while the candidate is talking to you, you send a message that you are uninterested. Whether you’re sitting or standing, straighten your spine, bring your shoulders back, and be aware of your facial expressions. 

Having a pleasant smile and good posture increases your approachability and gives the impression that you’re open to speaking. To improve your demeanor, be empathetic and understanding towards the candidate's concerns and issues. Put yourself in the candidates’ shoes and understand their perspective in order to create a personal connection.

With these tips, aspiring franchise owners will feel more comfortable around you, which increases the likelihood of them calling you back. But sometimes you cannot answer every call. With that in mind, here are some best practices for voicemail when you miss a call.

Voicemail Best Practices for Consultants 

Even in today’s digital world, voicemail still matters. Prepare for that missed call with a personal voicemail greeting. To do this, clearly state your name, repeat your phone number, and reiterate your intentions of returning the call as swiftly as possible. You can also suggest having them contact you by email or text for a faster response.  

Another Golden Rule: Never let your voicemail get full. It sounds simple, but all too often people forget to delete old messages. Candidates will know that you take their calls seriously and are working to make the discovery process as seamless as possible when you are responsive to their calls.  And don’t forget some best practices when leaving messages yourself.

To leave an effective voicemail, speak clearly, state the reason for your call, and repeat your phone number several times and suggest other ways to reach you, such as email or social media. 

The Franchise Consulting People Skills You Need to Succeed

Being likable benefits your Franchise Consultant business. Having a professional phone voice, appearance and an approachable demeanor all add to your credibility and are essential franchise consulting people skills. No matter the situation, don’t forget to speak clearly and with a confident, friendly tone. By keeping your language simple, you can avoid miscommunication with candidates. Body language says a lot without having to say anything, so check on  your posture and always be interested and approachable. When leaving a voicemail, state the purpose of your call and repeat your phone number. You can also suggest other ways to reach you, such as email, text or social media. 

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