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Is your brand new to franchising? Like anything new, it is possible all the "kinks" have not been worked out in your franchise development process. But...Why use "trial and error" to grow your franchise system when you can benefit from the support and guidance of someone who has already been there? We can help you through every step of the process! 

At IFPG, we help you grow by sharing our knowledge and experience. Our seasoned members help newer franchise companies become more successful with expert guidance and education.

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Emerging Franchisor Membership Benefits

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Education, Education, Education

The IFPG Emerging Franchisor Membership is heavily based on continuing education to help you with your new franchise system. We host 3-4 webinars each month covering all categories such as Legal, Accounting, Operations, Franchisee Relations, Marketing, PR, Sales and Development.

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Exposure for Your Opportunity

Connect and build relationships with franchising’s top Consultants, Vendors and Franchisors. Our growing network includes more than 1,500 industry pros

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IFPG Local Chapter

The IFPG is broken up into 18 local chapters. This allows you to more easily communicate with local franchise professionals in your area.

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IFPG Morning News

The IFPG Morning News is updated daily, keeping you on top of the latest in franchising.

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Ask the Expert

Learn from the best in the business. As you grow your franchise system, you can turn to IFPG members for expert advice, support and guidance.

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IFPG Events

With our calendar of year-round events, you’ll have many opportunities to network, collaborate and share best practices with IFPG Franchisor, Vendor and Consultant Members.

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IFPG Voice

IFPG Voice is a unique, on-demand educational platform that provides our members with an opportunity to share their expertise and best practices with our network.

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IFPG Perks Program

The IFPG is proud to offer its members the IFPG Perks Program, incentives ranging from travel to clothing to dining and more.

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Vendor Directory

Our Supplier Members are the best in franchising and can help you and your clients with their expertise. From legal advice to funding resources and more, our Vendor Directory connects you to franchising specialists with one click.

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IFPG Radio

Share information about your brand in a fun format. We’ll interview you, and make the recording available for members to hear on demand.

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Franchise Consultant Magazine

Exclusive to the IFPG, Franchise Consultant Magazine serves all of our members with a high-quality print magazine delivered right to their doorsteps.

Get to Know Our Team

Red Boswell

Red Boswell


Hirra Mirza

Hirra Mirza

Membership Director

IFPG Emerging Franchise Webinar Series

The IFPG Emerging Franchise Membership is heavily based on continuing education to help you with your new franchise system. We host 3-4 webinars per month covering all categories such as Legal, Accounting, Operations, Franchisee Relation, Marketing, PR, Sales and Development.

Sample Webinars and Virtual Round Tables

Through our webinar series, IFPG Emerging Franchisor Members will learn from the industry’s top experts. We cover need-to-know information from every area of franchising.


  • 5 Steps to Take After Your FDD is Registered
  • What You Need to Know About the Registration States and Maintaining an Updated FDD and Registrations
  • 5 Franchise Agreement Provisions and Disclosures that Will Help You Sell Franchises
  • The Value of Financial Performance Representations and How to Develop Them

Sales / Development

  • Your First Franchisees, They Can Make or Break Your Franchise System
  • Choosing The Right Territories for New Franchisees 
  • How To Close More Franchise Deals With These 5 Simple Strategies
  • Working with Franchise Brokers, When to Start and What to Expect

Operations / Franchisee Relations

  • Franchise Development Starts with Unit Economics, What Most Franchisors Miss
  • How To Get Your New Franchisees To Profitability (and Happiness) Faster
  • Common Mistakes for Emerging Franchise Brands
  • The Importance of Franchisee Validation and How it Could Kill Your Franchise System

Food Related

  • Food Franchises: Is it Possible to Grow "Too Quickly?
  • Pitfalls to Avoid When Opening Your First 25 Food Franchises
  • Opening Your Food Franchise in Airports and Malls
  • Food Franchises: The Importance of Creating a Development Strategy That Fits

Marketing / PR

  • Franchise Portal Leads: How to Make Portals Pay for Themselves
  • Using Email Marketing to Achieve Maximum Franchise Growth
  • Attending Franchise Shows and Expos: You Are Here, Now What?
  • Guerrilla Marketing: Spend Your Time, Not Your Money, to Reach Your Prospects


  • Achieving Financial Goals Through Enhanced Franchisor/Franchisee Relations – An Accountant's Perspective
  • What Are The Tax Consequences of Expanding My Franchise System Into New States?

Franchisor Membership Options


Connect with the industry’s most-respected Franchise Consultants and Vendors as an IFPG Franchisor Member.

Franchise Partner

Franchisor Partner Memberships include all of the benefits as Franchisor Members, plus some added perks.

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Emerging Franchise

Do you have a newer franchise brand? Let us help you grow!

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Elite Franchisor Membership

Our Elite Franchisor Members get even more access and more exposure.

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“IFPG’s mission is to serve the franchise industry with innovation, growth and opportunity. We do that by constantly improving and adding to the value we bring our members. Find out why more than 1,500 of the industry’s most respected professionals chose IFPG. Schedule a one-on-one virtual tour with a member of our team. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.”

Red Boswell, President