The Importance of Networking for Franchise Business Consultants

Consultant Networking is a Fun and Essential Part of Running a Successful Business

As with any venture, networking is an important aspect of running a franchise consulting business. By building relationships with other professionals in the industry, you can gain valuable insights that will help you better serve candidates. 

Franchise business consultants can network by attending trade shows and conferences, joining webinars and by getting involved with local networking groups and franchise broker organizations There are also other local networking opportunities to consider.

consultant networking
Consultant networking is important for your business. 

Attend Consultant Networking Events

Franchising is large and covers everything from pet care and beauty to fast-food and home improvement. No matter the industry, franchise professionals are always happy to collaborate and help each other succeed. Trade shows are popular networking opportunities that bring together franchisors, consultants, and other industry professionals to showcase their products and services. 

Attending a trade show allows you to share and learn more about new franchises and industry trends. Popular franchise trade shows include the events from MFV Exhibitions and the Franchise Show. There is a comprehensive list of consultant networking events here. These events attract thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors, making them an excellent platform for networking.

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The IFPG Annual Retreat presents top Franchise Consultants with networking opportunities.

In addition to trade shows, a business networking consultant can attend conferences to educate yourself about trends and meet like-minded entrepreneurs. During conferences, you can go to booths, speak with franchise professionals and franchisors, and attend presentations from industry experts.

IFA Events

The International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Annual Convention is the most prominent franchise event. During this event, entrepreneurs from all backgrounds come together to talk about best practices and trends. Industry stars like NFL great Drew Brees, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, and McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski have given speeches about their knowledge of franchising and serve as a source of inspiration. The event is exclusive to IFA members. In addition to the IFA, other organizations offer consultant networking opportunities including BNI. You can also look locally for networking opportunities.  

  • Local Chamber of Commerce: The local Chamber of Commerce protects the interests of business owners. By joining your local Chamber of Commerce, you can form relationships with entrepreneurs who could use your franchise consulting services.
  • SCORE: SCORE is a network of volunteer, expert business mentors. The organization’s website is a resource that allows entrepreneurs to see local events, mentors and resources. 
  • Discovery Day: By attending a franchisor’s discovery day, you can learn the inner workings of a brand and provide your candidates with the information they need to know before investing. Entrepreneurs who are invited to a discovery day are almost at the finish line of the franchise discovery process. Get involved in the conversation and ask questions to get as much as you can out of it.

Take Advantage of Broker Network Membership

Many franchise consultants are members of brokerages, which come with various perks. With a franchise broker network like IFPG, you can attend consultant networking events like the Annual Retreat. This event includes speed networking opportunities and more in a fun, educational environment. With IFPG, you keep 100% of your commissions and benefit from a membership-based structure.

There are also mentorship opportunities. Nobody can succeed without a little help from others who’ve been there before. With mentorship from another successful franchise business consultant, you can learn tricks of the trade and get different perspectives.

The Importance of Networking for Franchise Networking Consultants    

Networking is an important part of your franchise consulting business. By attending conferences and trade shows, you can meet with like-minded individuals and learn more about brands. The IFA and other organizations host in-person events and webinars that will be indispensable for you and your business. 

You also don’t need to look beyond your local area to network. The local Chamber of Commerce and SCORE are great platforms for meeting entrepreneurs. Franchisor discovery days are also important. If you are a member of a franchise broker network, take advantage of consultant networking opportunities that are offered. 

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