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A British Swim School Franchise Is Awarded in Detroit, MI!

An IFPG Consultants Candidate sealed the deal with British Swim School’s newest owners in Detroit, MI!

His candidates are a couple. One’s background was spent working in various banking roles for the Bank of Montreal (BMO). Since December of 2014, she has focused her energies on being a stay-at-home mom. She is an active member of her community and is the Treasurer of the PTO for the school her children attend.

The other has a unique background that led him to serve in various roles across multiple industries (Locomotive Manufacturing, Food Manufacturing, Automotive, Finance, and Biotechnology).

"Our children are both avid swimmers. Since day one we’ve wanted to ensure that they are confident swimmers who are also aware of the dangers water can pose. British Swim School will give us an opportunity to provide potentially life-saving instruction to our community, while also giving my wife a different avenue to re-entering the workforce without having to work for someone else."- new candidate

While working throughout this process with their IFPG Consultant and Austin, British Swim School’s Executive Director of Franchise Development, they made the decision to choose British Swim School for the following reasons, they stated: "We have been very impressed by the business model of BSS, and both the success and passion of other Franchisees we’ve had an opportunity to speak with."

Congratulations on a job well done!