Consultant News

A Fibrenew Franchise Is Awarded in Oklahoma!

This is the IFPG Consultant's 3rd deal with Fibrenew of 2022! This is also Fibrenew's 12th deal in 2022 (It’s only March 15th) many of them through IFPG Consultants.  Fibrenew continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. After 37+ years in the industry, the formula at Fibrenew remains a simple one. Process + Product = Success. This is the formula that 288 owners in 7 countries have been following for decades and one that they are eager to share with your candidates.

These candidates come to Fibrenew after successful careers in the Property Management and Greeting Card businesses, respectively. He will serve as the primary operator of the business with his wife and their son helping to grow it into the successful franchise they know it will become. When they moved from Colorado to Oklahoma they both knew that it was time to become true entrepreneurs and take control of their financial freedom. They will complete their Fibrenew Training in March and will begin providing Expert Leather, Plastic & Vinyl, and Leather restoration in April.

From the initial meeting through the 5-Step process, they knew that Fibrenew would not only provide them with the structure & support of a world-class franchise, but it will also allow them to build the life they want in Oklahoma. Finding the balance of work and life in business ownership was critical to them and is a cornerstone of the Fibrenew franchise system. Once the mutual decision had been made to move forward with a Fibrenew franchise, it was the support of both the IFPG Consultant and the team at Benetrends that helped bring all the parts together for a successful awarding of the franchise.

Congratulations on a great placement!