Consultant News

An IFPG Consultant’s Candidate Is Awarded a Naturals2Go Business Opportunity!

The IFPG Consultant's candidates are former athletes and have been responsible for operating and managing a small business of 30 employees that has now grown into a 15 million dollar/year business with over 140 employees. They have experience with employee relations, process development, improvement, and implementation. They know what kind of dedication it takes to run a successful business.

They are starting with 8 machines and plan to own 15-20 by the end of year 2.  They also plan to continue growing the business to eventually replace their corporate jobs.

They chose Naturals2Go because they are interested in working for themselves within a proven industry. They were impressed with what they learned about training, location assistance, and continued support throughout the process.

”I’m not sure you can find more dedicated, get-it-done people than these candidates. They are the epitome of asking a busy person to get something done because you know they don't fail.” said Marcie Olinger, Business Consultant for Naturals2Go. “The bonus was I got to work with one of my favorite franchise consultants for years. She takes good care of her clients and does a great job of communicating with me.”

Congratulations on a great placement!