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A Meals of Hope Franchise is Awarded In Nashville, Tennessee!

Meals of Hope Awards First Franchise Just 45 Days After Launch!

Brand New Concept in Franchising!

Meals of Hope Founder Steve Popper was delighted to find such a perfect match for awarding his first franchise.

An IFPG Consultant referred the ideal candidates, a married couple from the Nashville, TN area for the Meals of Hope Franchise in the Western Tennessee area. The couple will run the business together, have already been through training, and are preparing for their Grand Opening Event to be held soon in the Nashville Area.

They followed the MOH process diligently after reviewing many other franchise opportunities. The driving force behind seeking out a compatible Franchise was the desire to do good and give back to the community while building a business that they plan to bring their children into at the appropriate time in the future. They are excited to get started!

Meals of Hope is offering a brand new concept in Franchising. Hunger and Food Insecurity are pervasive in our society, despite being one of the wealthiest nations on the planet. Feeding America estimates that over 42 Million Americans experienced Food Insecurity in 2021, with over 13 Million children included in that number. Our Franchisees will enlist Host Organizations to sponsor Meal Packing Events.

  • Fast Ramp-up
  • No Royalty Fees
  • Excellent ROI Potential
  • Value-Driven Culture
  • Scalable
  • 63 Territories available across the U.S.
  • Low Investment – Less than $75K Total
  • WFH/WFA – No Bricks and Mortar

A simple, streamlined business model works in any community. You can offer sponsorship groups a way to host food packaging events without all the hassles of planning the details and organizing the logistics.

Comprehensive training and hands-on guidance give you the tools you need to feel confident on the first day of your first event.

Complete event planning package includes equipment lists, pre-packaged supplies, and customized operational software for easy event management and logistics.

Warehousing and logistical support come with your investment. That means you don't need separate warehousing or the burden of carrying inventory costs.

Operational and marketing support are all designed to make every meal packaging event run smoothly.

Many thanks for a great placement!

And don’t forget - we are offering a $5,000 bonus (on top of our standard $20,000 commission) for any candidates referred through February 2022 that ultimately are awarded a Franchise! - Jack Day