Consultant News

A MiliCare Franchise is Awarded in Edmonton, Alberta


"I enjoyed my journey with MilliCare. The team matched me step by step with their knowledge and experience. The opportunity to meet the entire MilliCare team confirmed that this was the exact organization I wanted to be a part of - a true family atmosphere." -IFPG Consultant Candidate

The IFPG Consultatnt Candidate is an entrepreneur in Edmonton who has been involved in the commercial maintenance industry for 20 years. He knew he wanted to stay in the B2B space and was looking for something with scheduled revenue and increased margins. He felt limited from accessing premier commercial facilities that are typical MilliCare clients. He was committed to expanding his service offerings, and after meeting the MilliCare team, he found this addition was exactly what he was looking for.

The MilliCare Team sends a big thank you to the IFPG Consultant and the FranGrowth Team. They realized the success MilliCare has in the B2B space and the potential for Edmonton.

MilliCare helps delivers trustworthy, expert floor and surface care for "Class A" properties with high-end flooring and furnishings, producing peace of mind for facility managers and maximizing ROI for businesses. The MilliCare business is uniquely B2B focused and annuity-like in that future business is planned and contracted in advance of their services.