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A Pet Evolution Franchise Is Coming to Orange County, CA!

An IFPG Consultant's candidates, experienced franchisees, are bringing Pet Evolution to Orange County, CA!

"My Candidates own a boutique fitness franchise and they came to our firm exploring ways of diversifying into other brands. Their experience in franchising made them great candidates for the RD model, so they decided to purchase all of Orange County, CA." IFPG Consultant

"While we were shopping around for different Pet Franchises, Pet Evolution stood out to us immediately. Meeting Peter, Fred, Rian, and the team, we realized we made the right decision to bring Pet Evolution to Orange County. Their knowledge, passion, and belief to make this brand a success won us over. Visiting the stores, we were blown away by the knowledge each staff had about the products and services that can cater to each customer’s individual needs. We are extremely happy and privileged to bring Pet Evolution to our OC community. We see potential in this brand to become the number one brand in Pet care and services nationwide. The Pet Industry will truly EVOLVE through Pet Evolution!!" - New Franchisees

“Pet Evolution’s experienced executive team did a fantastic job leading our client through the discovery process. Pet Evolution will continue to be on our shortlist as FRANOCITY remains bullish on the pet services category.” - IFPG Consultant

"Pet Evolution brings a completely holistic approach to pet care. It not only provides high standard organic pet food but also affordable high-end grooming and self-wash services so that our furry friends feel and look good inside and out. They know there is a need for healthy pet food and grooming services, but to put it all together and create a holistic brand like Pet Evolution deserves a true pat on their back.

Through their hard work and commitment, they were also able to grow their brand year over year even during Covid- 19 pandemic times and they still continue to do so. This attracted us to partner with them as well." New Franchisees

Many thanks for a great placement!