Consultant News

An Enviro-Master Franchise Cleans Up in Jacksonville, FL!

An IFPG Consultant's candidate comes to Enviro-Master with a wealth of experience in turning around companies for private equity groups in multiple industries. His experience in building successful teams is a great fit to take over a franchise that is already operating above average in the Enviro-Master systems and poised for amazing growth in one of the highest growth markets in the US. "The IFPG Consultant did a great job of coaching him on the advantages of finding a model that fit his skill sets and provides the upside potential that he was looking for." - Tyrisha Irwin

He saw the potential and the solid fundamentals of Enviro-Master – recurring revenue, low capital needs, a large market for the service, recession-resistant, and not dependent on ever-changing technology. This new franchisee is a strong team builder and has the ability to scale a large business with Enviro-Master using his management and sales skills.

Congratulations on a job well done!