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An IFPG Consultant Brings Three New Monster Tree Franchises to Grand Rapids

We are excited to give a warm welcome to Monster Tree’s newest franchise owner! He will be operating three territories in the Grand Rapids, MI Market.

"After almost 20 years in corporate America in software and IT companies, I have decided now is the right time to take ownership of my career. I am excited to become an owner of a business where I can shape, influence, and lead others. As an adult, I have grown professionally in sales for over 10 years; including a seven-year stint in software product management and four years in IT project management and customer support. Plus, I have been in a myriad of other roles and responsibilities above and beyond those job responsibilities. Each of these jobs has provided increased responsibility, and I feel the next step in my career is ownership. I am inspired to provide quality customer service, professional and impactful organization that can position us as a valued member of my local small business community. I also look forward to finding ways to give back to my community through my business. I am motivated to provide for my supportive spouse and three active sons ranging in age from 6 months to 11-years-old. When we are not working, we are busy supporting the kids in their sporting events, traveling, running, biking, hiking, listening to music, enjoying local food, and coffee in Grand Rapids, Michigan." -New Franchisee

The Monster Tree business model has stood out from the beginning of his franchise discovery process. Not only does it provide a great opportunity for successful business ownership, but for the franchisee, it evoked the nostalgia of his childhood.

Franchisees Experience Working With Mike and TJ at Franchise FastLane
"I enjoyed working with Mike and TJ. They have created an effective and efficient process to walk prospective franchisees through the discovery process. They were always accessible and reiterated that I could reach out at any time via email or by scheduling an appointment on their calendar. They always followed through on questions when they came up and that speaks volumes in today's work climate. I appreciate their ability to draw on prior conversations, which helped me feel comfortable that they were listening to my feedback or input."

Congratulations on a job well done!