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An IFPG Consultant Loves Matching Candidates with Fibrenew Franchise!

Fibrenew Franchise

Fibrenew is a mobile service franchise specializing in the repair, restoration, and renewal of leather, plastic, vinyl, fabric, and upholstery. Fibrenew’s products, techniques, and color-matching technology are what sets them apart and what has made them a leader in the industry.

The IFPG Consultant stated, "Fibrenew is a dream brand, as it offers a great, unique service and validates strongly as other owners love the family experience at Fibrenew.” He knows his latest candidates will love the brand as much as he does. 

The candidates are from Chile, S.A., and wanted to leave their Country with their two young kids. They needed an E2 Visa to come to the US legally and wanted to move to Miami, Fl.  The candidates love working with their hands and are very creative. They both fell in love with Fibrenew.

Fibernew’s processes, products, and services are so staggeringly unique that they cannot be outsourced or replaced by robots. The art and science behind their service and processes cannot be met with off-the-shelf products.