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Koala Insulation Franchise Awards Three Territories in Portland, OR!

Koala Insulation Franchise

Koala Insulation continues to expand across the country, now in the Pacific Northwest, thanks to an IFPG Consultant candidate. Fueled by franchisee growth, best-in-class franchisor support, and national accounts, Koala was named #14 on Entrepreneur’s fastest-growing global brands. 

Koala Insulation’s quest to be the household name in insulation continues with three locations in Portland, OR. 

The newest Koala franchisees saw that Koala truly cares for its franchise owners and offers several support tools as free services that other models never even consider: national partnerships, strong franchisee validation, robust commercial sales support, talent acquisitions, and rave reviews from the free employee training are just a few examples of what sold them on Koala being the right fit! 

The IFPG Consultant that matched the pair with Koala stated, “The Franchise "Frick and Frack" is an exceptional example of how FFL includes me in the process every step of the way. I have a high level of confidence that my clients will be treated with professionalism when I refer them to a Franchise Fast Lane brand. My recent placement with Koala is likely one of many more to come.”