Consultant News

An IFPG Consultant's Candidate Found What He was Looking for with Naturals2Go!

This candidate is looking to create a secondary source of income that would eventually grow to replace his current full-time job. He likes Naturals2Go because of the simplicity, the semi-passive nature, and the ability to have his children involved as they build it together.

“The IFPG Consultant did a fantastic job of giving the candidate the perfect amount of information. He is always responsive and easy to reach, easy to work with, detailed, and understands what it takes,” according to Chuck Fesmire of Naturals2Go. 

This candidate parched five machines with plans to grow to 10 machines in 2 years. He has a business finance background (budgeting, analyzing financials, etc.) and he is analytical, organized, persistent, and determined.

"Starting this business will enhance the quality of my life (through gaining control over my personal income), the life of my children (as they work with me and learn how to run/grow a business), and the lives of my customers as they gain convenient access to healthier options for their bodies. Thank you so much for all your help throughout the decision process! I really appreciate your no-pressure approach."- New Naturals2Go operator

Congratulations on a great placement!