Consultant News

An IFPG Consultant's Candidate Is Awarded a Molly Maid Franchise in North Jersey

The IFPG Consultant was very involved with their candidate from the beginning and still is! They met bi-weekly and are still meeting so she can see where he is in the process and if he found commercial space yet for his new Molly Maid franchise in North Jersey. His purchase was funded with an SBA loan from IFPG Vendor Member Franfund!

When the IFPG Consultant was asked if she would show Molly Maid again, the answer was, "Yes! Molly Maid is part of Neighborly and they are highly regarded in the industry. They have brand awareness, strong performance history, and validate well." Right after the discovery day there was an issue that arose on the franchisor side and the whole deal almost went sideways but the Brand President called her candidate and saved the deal.

During its 30 year history, Molly Maid has offered a solid business and system model, recognized brand name, and superior owner support. Dwyer Group the largest service franchise organization in the world provides unique economies of scale and marketing opportunities for our franchise owners. Molly Maid has no company stores but has a home office staff of over 50 professionals to support franchise partners.

Congratulations on a job well done!