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An IFPG Consultant’s Candidate Signs For a Graze Craze Franchise in Colorado!

This IFPG Consultant’s candidates are a military couple and one was transitioning out of the Air Force. He and his wife already own a million-dollar revenue-generating business that is really running itself, and they wanted to add a business that the wife could focus on. It would give them the challenge they needed and would serve the Colorado Springs community.

“I showed them Graze Craze and they fell in love with it! They committed and signed the agreement in less than 30 days. Graze Craze called to them, with few employees, a low-cost retail location that is in demand and can serve a tight-knit military community such as Colorado Springs. United Franchise Group helped to close the deal quickly and really needed very little guidance from me to get the deal done.” said the IFPG Consultant. “UFG has many strong brands under their belt. They have a strong team to show an emerging brand and they do it well.”

Graze Craze is a charcuterie business with staying power. It started when the founder, a U.S. Airforce veteran who had spent years working in the food industry, observed the growing popularity of charcuterie boards. She tested out her concept and found that it was wildly popular. Soon, she opened her first few locations and had established Graze Craze as an innovative alternative to traditional eating choices.

Now, Graze Craze is the latest addition to UFG, a leader in the franchising space since 1986. With their help, Graze Craze has become a cutting-edge franchise opportunity poised to expand throughout the U.S. They’ve streamlined processes like the steps to opening, training, marketing, and much more, so franchisees can spend more time focusing on the big picture – growing their charcuterie businesses!

Congratulations on a job well done.