An IFPG Consultant's Candidates Are Awarded A Hounds Town USA Franchise in Ohio!

This IFPG Consultant's candidates are married with one kid(freshman in hs) and have 5 dogs so they need a Houndstown themselves! They are customers of a local doggy daycare business and saw the potential with the increasing demand for pet care. That's where Hounds Town USA came in!

The husband was previously Senior Vice President of Operations for Brightview Landscapes and he was also previously Associate VP of Finance for Bath and Body Works. He has an Achiever personality type that responds well to a slow and systematic process. He is very structured and task and systems-oriented which should do well in a franchise system. He is in transition from his job after his position was replaced due to COVID in July and has been exploring franchising for several months now and has looked at over a dozen different opportunities with his IFPG Consultant. He has been in several leadership roles and was putting vision and strategy into place for the retention of employees and building customer-based culture and team retention. He received a nice severance package which has allowed him now to explore business ownership opportunities.

His wife retired 5 years ago and was previously CIO for Ohio Bureau of workers compensation and has a Project Management background.

They love the business model and the strength of the pet industry. Also, they are quite involved with their church and already have done volunteer work and community outreach and that excites them that Hounds Town is aligned with charities and giving back to the community.

Congratulations to all on a job well done!