Consultant News

An IFPG Consultant’s Candidates are Awarded a Toastique Franchise 3-Pack in FL!

The IFPG Consultant’s candidates are a husband and wife team with aspirations to build an empire.  A serial entrepreneur and a nurse by trade, they were seeking a food concept that would resonate well in the high-growth, affluent area of Lakewood Ranch/Sarasota, Florida.  

Together they began to look at franchise options. They both fell in love with Toastique’s concept, the menu options, the presentation and the Toastique team. They knew that this would be a great fit in their planned-community neighborhood of Lakewood Ranch, FL. From there they figured they might as well open a couple more, and opted to purchase a 3 pack!

“The people at Toastique and Raintree did a great job of educating my candidates and getting them across the finish line.” IFPG Consultant

When asked if he would show Toastique again the IFPG Consultant said, “For those open to food concepts, Toastique has a unique value proposition that sets themselves apart from the competition.  They presented themselves very well to my client during Discovery Day and throughout the process.”

Congratulations on a job well done!