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An Image Studios Franchise Is Awarded In Florida!

The IFPG Consultant started working out with the couple’s parents, who then introduced him to the new franchisees. They were part of the family-run business in the home flooring industry. 

This couple was initially interested in a food concept they found on their own but the IFPG Consultant educated them on what they really needed based on their current business owners and the time they had available for another business. They were looking to diversify their portfolio. They needed a business that was semi-absentee and did not require a lot of employees to manage. Their parents are now looking at two units for themselves!

The IFPG Consultant worked well with Image Studios. They provided progress often enough to be able to work with his candidates and manage their expectations.

“Anyone looking to run a reoccurring model business, a need, not a want, should consider this opportunity. The opportunity is not on the SBA registry, so high net worth and liquidity candidates only.” - IFPG Consultant

Congratulations on a great placement!