Consultant News

Another Ellie Mental Health Franchise is Awarded in Texas!


Ellie is changing how people treat mental health. To do this, Ellie is looking for the highest quality franchisees. Ellie Mental Health’s ideal candidate embodies their core values of authenticity, creativity, compassion, determination, humor, and acceptance.

The IFPG Consultant’s candidate came to the Ellie investigation with a lifetime of service and doing things for others. As adoptive and foster parents of 7 children, they have been exposed to the needs of youth and society. The couple personified Ellie's core beliefs.

In her professional life, she brought stores from insolvency to positive cash flow and saved jobs. Her leadership skills, management experience, and raising seven children taught her that life throws curve balls. He is 100% supportive of her and brings a lot of humor to the room! His 21-year career in the military allowed him to be exposed to the needs of many people. Together, they will bring EMH to the Southwest quadrant of the DFW market.

Ellie is a socially responsible outpatient mental health brand focused on providing an unparalleled client experience with high-quality, creative, and innovative care and creating an employment experience where the employees are truly valued and treated with genuine respect.

The scalability, executive model, stunning patient-based unit economics, reasonable cost of entry, and opportunity to secure great territory with wide open markets make this a highly attractive business opportunity. Ellie has surpassed its growth goals in the first half of this year!