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Atlanta's Barbecue Scene Heats Up with Bar-B-Clean Franchise!

Bar-B-Clean Franchise

Get your aprons on and grills blazing, Atlanta! Bar-B-Clean awarded territory to two IFPG Consultant candidates! Bar-B-Clean offers barbecue cleaning, service, parts, repairs, and new grill sales, all while championing a healthy, family-oriented lifestyle.

"We chose Bar-B-Clean after looking at many opportunities. We became intrigued when we understood the need for the grill cleaning service and the lack of people providing it. The simplicity of the business was also appealing". -IFPG Consultant Candidate.

The new franchisees have been married for 33 years and are excited to be diving into a new business venture! They're parents to two daughters and share a love for family and staying active. She has a science background but took a break from her career to raise their kids. She has been an active member of their community and large HOA. She's also an avid tennis player.

He brings a wealth of experience in sales and account management, having worked with big names like Black and Decker and Home Depot. He's currently a Senior VP of Sales at a Cabinet Company, managing major national accounts. As they launch their business, she will be at the helm full-time, while he supports part-time alongside his existing job. With their blend of community involvement and professional expertise, Bar-B-Clean has found the perfect partner to bring this exciting business to Atlanta.

Bar-B-Clean provides a simple and scalable business model with multiple revenue streams and recurring income opportunities from both B2C & B2B customers. Their advanced steam-cleaning process helps safeguard your family from cancer-causing carcinogens and animal droppings while minimizing potential fires caused by blocked burners and removing grease and fat buildup that leads to dangerous flare-ups.