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Club SciKidz Franchise Brings More STEM Programs to St. Lucie, FL

Club SciKidz Franchise

Club SciKidz is excited to announce its newest franchise in St. Lucie, Florida. These IFPG Consultant Candidates have been public school teachers since 2000. They taught in Detroit Public Schools for five years before moving to Port St. Lucie, FL. Both have taught all grade levels from early elementary to high school. They have a Masters degree in education.

The IFPG Consultant was happy to place these candidates with Club SciKidz too! "I really like having a brand in my inventory that I can show to people who want to make a real difference. Club SciKidz fits the bill for this. I had a client couple that came to me as teachers - one a current teacher and one a former teacher who did NOT want to go back into the public school environment. But the wife had a strong desire to match up her skills as a teacher with a business that could make a real difference in the lives of children and also as a legacy for her family." -IFPG Consultant. 

As teachers, the Candidates both saw firsthand the need for more STEM education. This made Club SciKidz a very logical fit for them. Club SciKidz fit what they were looking for in an investment - under $100K, large territories, making a difference, bringing in the education side, varying lines of revenue, recurring income, and a solid background with strong systems and accountability.

Club SciKidz is an educational and technology enrichment program for children ages 4 to 15 that utilizes interactive presentations of structured science-themed activities in a fun, nurturing environment. It appeals to children who have a genuine interest in how things work, what things are made of, and how science works in the real world.

Club SciKidz offers a low start-up cost with low overheads. The Program can be delivered at churches, schools, or community centers. It can be run as a semi-absentee business in a booming STEM industry!