Consultant News

Fibrenew Awards Another Franchise With The Help of An IFPG Consultant!

This couple was introduced to Fibrenew by an IFPG consultant. He has a distinguished background as a veteran and previous business owner. His spouse currently owns her own business. When he was introduced to Fibrenew, he immediately recognized the potential in the concept. Between the combination of helping him through the Fibrenew 5-Step Discovery Process and his successful completion of a Ride Along Day with a Fibrenew owner in his area, he was fully convinced that Fibrenew was the right business for him and his family.

They are both entrepreneurs to the core. This commitment to being successful, combined with his love of working with his hands made them a perfect fit for Fibrenew.

Fibrenew’s franchise system has been developed and refined over the past 37+ years and continues to be refined to this day. We put tremendous capital investment, pride, and energy into training, support, products, marketing, and technology systems. It all adds up to an air-tight business model that’s built to scale. With 286 franchise partners worldwide today, we are ready to talk with your candidates who are looking for a time-tested, proven mobile service business that's in high demand across multiple markets.

Congratulations on a great placement!