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Greater Orlando Becomes the Latest Location To Join The Grand Welcome Franchise

The couple met in Ghana, West Africa in 2008 after both had just graduated from different chiropractic colleges. While in Ghana, they decided to return to the U.S. and start a practice, ending up in Boulder County Colorado in 2010.

They successfully grew a thriving chiropractic practice for ten years, started a family, and decided to move to Orlando in July 2020. They now have 3 children who love the beach, the sun, and the attractions that Central Florida has to offer.

They had been looking for the right business opportunity. They'd been involved in the CO real estate scene and she loves home improvement, interior design, and creating an amazing, living environment for people. Grand Welcome allows them to put their passions to use for the good of their family.

The company is eagerly anticipating the official launch of GW Greater Orlando in December 2021.

Congratulations on a job well done!