Consultant News

The Boulder Designs and Border Magic Franchises are coming to Atlanta, Georgia!

These new franchisees were unaware of Boulder Designs before their IFPG Consultant brought the concept to their attention. She recognized synergies between Boulder Designs and the things they were already doing today across their network of businesses.

They started to get really interested in Boulder Designs when they realized this was the type of franchise they could pick up and start working on “tomorrow". They already had the talent and labor force across their current operations to produce general hardscapes work but did not have the inspiration or guidance to do things as custom as stone signage, custom fence posts, headstones, etc.

"We are confident we can produce and sell Boulder Designs products, and we are excited to start up in 2022!- New Franchisees

They also purchased a Border Magic as well! Look for them soon in the Greater Atlanta area plus surrounding counties.

Boulder Designs® is an uncomplicated franchise system coupled with low entry costs and minimal inventory requirements. Their franchises produce custom-crafted boulders that create extraordinary commercial signage.

Border Magic has been an industry leader in decorative landscape edging, helping add style and functionality to homes and businesses across the country.

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!