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Green with Envy; The Newest LIME Painting Franchise Awarded in Dallas!

Lime Painting Franchise

The IFPG Consultant’s candidate is an accountant with a large energy firm living and working in the Dallas, TX, area. She was looking for a part-time, recession-resistant franchise to join, and LIME Painting fit the bill. 

The candidate knew what she wanted; a franchise with good numbers, a good customer experience, and a company culture she believed in. 

As an accountant, numbers were important to her, and LIME's numbers made sense. As a consumer, she recognized that customer experience is essential, especially in high-end markets. Again, LIME met her requirements for that. As a top-level executive, she knew that operations, infrastructure, and human capital were necessary because they create a culture and drive your employees to take ownership and participate in the customer experience. 

"It just made sense on all levels to join LIME." She was invited to Denver for Decision Day, and once she met the team, she knew she would own a LIME Painting franchise!