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HealthyYOU Franchise Offered Flexibility to this IFPG Consultant Candidate

HealthyYOU Franchise

The flexibility of HealthyYOU's business model sold this IFPG Consultant Candidate. He has many years in accounting and bookkeeping but would spend over 60hrs a week at work. He was looking for an opportunity that would be an excellent part-time option. 

This Candidate was awarded ten machines, and he will only be spending about ten hours a week working in Salem, Oregon. He will now have the freedom to work on his own terms doing something more in line with his personality. 

Healthy Vending machines create a business that is semi-passive, requires no employees, and has a fast start-up. No one delivers a faster start-up business opportunity than HealthyYOU Vending. Candidate's machines are shipped within six weeks!

HealthyYOU Vending offers a passive income opportunity where 90% of the work is done remotely and without employees to hire, train and manage. An absentee owner option is available where they train and support an employee. HealtyYOU has been a top choice for franchise seekers for over 24 years.