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iFOAM Franchise Welcomes Franchisees to Charlotte, NC

iFOAM Franchise

iFOAM thanks the IFPG Consultant for bringing them a well-qualified Candidate. "She is a first-class Consultant. The upfront effort prior to engaging with the franchisor to identify potential Zors that fit the client's desires is dialed in". - iFOAM

The IFPG Consultant Candidates are married with two small kids. They will open their new iFOAM location in Charlotte, NC! Their youngest will start Kindergarten in the fall. He was working for Wells Fargo as the Director of Risk Analysis, and she was an Attorney before staying home with their children. With their youngest starting Kindergarten in September, it will free up some of her time to devote to a business. They wanted a semi-absentee path of 20 hours a week or a full-time path if he decided to jump in full-time rather than look for another job.

Scalability is important; they want to replace his income in a reasonable amount of time if he doesn't go back to work. They like sustainable and technology-focused businesses; having a green or societal component is also important to them, especially him.

This husband and wife team wanted something they were confident could scale to be a huge business but also had the ability to run as a semi-involved owner. They wanted to know that the franchisor had solid systems and support in place. The discovery process gave them confidence, and the in-person discovery day in Omaha checked all the boxes for them when they could confirm the culture of the people behind the Brand.