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IFPG Consultant Turned Naturals2Go Operator in Tampa, FL

Naturals2Go Franchise

The IFPG Consultant is a savvy business owner who has become a natural in franchise consulting - which is why he recommended Naturals2Go to himself! He was awarded 10 machines in Tampa, Florida, with plans to grow to 20+ in two years.

The IFPG Consultant and new Naturals2Go operator has 20+ years of business experience, 17 as an owner/operator of a thriving Irish Pub. He also owned another restaurant/ghost kitchen concept that was a popular site for hip-hop videos, has bought/sold businesses, is a real estate investor, and is an IFPG consultant.

The IFPG Consultant understands the franchising landscape and sees that Naturals2Go has a turn-key program, elegant machines, and location services, making it the clear front-runner in his pursuit of additional income streams.

Naturals2Go said he would be a great operator because he is a business owner and brings savvy sales, marketing, operations, and finance experience to the table, giving him a lead on others joining the family. He's well-known in the community and will be able to gain traction quickly as he looks to scale his business in the short term.

"Being in the hospitality business, you have to be a strong and effective leader, measure costs, payroll, employee morale, menu design, marketing, social media, and employee training programs. Being in both the Bar/Restaurant business and being a real estate investor have taught me to be highly efficient, organized, and tougher than a $2 Denny's steak." -IFPG Consultant/Naturals2Go Operator.