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Kansas City is Home to the Newest Top Rail Fence Franchise

Top Rail Fence Franchise

This IFPG Consultant Candidate is a repeat buyer with Top Rail Fence. After securing the Raleigh-Durham Market, this Candidate decided that he saw the potential to match up another Top Rail Fence in a market where he had other businesses.

This Candidate is a great fit for Top Rail Fence. He has an entrepreneurial background with a knack for building material businesses. The Top Rail support staff, the quick ramp-up time, and the ability to build a dynasty with Homefront Brands made this an easy decision for the Candidate. He is excited to open in Kansas City.

Top Rail Fence stands out as the preeminent franchise opportunity for individuals seeking involvement in the fence, gate, and rail industry. With over 110 operational territories spanning the United States, Top Rail Fence has strategically positioned itself in one of the swiftest growing sectors within the property service franchising realm.

Owning a Top Rail Franchise comes with an array of advantages. Notably, there is an enormous demand with minimal national competition, offering a unique market opportunity. The staffing model is simplified, eliminating the need for installation crews. Owners benefit from proprietary quoting and measurement software integration, ensuring efficiency and precision.
Furthermore, the customer base is diverse, encompassing both B2C and B2B segments.